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So, the Growl, with our motto of “Let’s go Anywhere” is here to facilitate you in your travel tours. We are a company dedicated to our tourists operating in Australia.


What do we offer? We offer tours to all corners of the world be it the Big Ben in London, Taj Mahal in India or the Louvre in Paris. Our tours are often guided by locals that not only give you an account apart from the textbook but share their experiences and their lives with you so you do not get bored.

expertise at the rates

But it is not just that we show you around anywhere in the world, but we do so at the lowest rates ever. The level of expertise at the rates that we offer are unbeatable and you simply cannot find better. Moreover, we allow you to give us your preference on a sheet of places where you sign the best places you would like to visit.

Our guides work out all the details for your preference and show you around without any hassle or hesitation. You can hire our guides whether you visit as groups, couples or individuals. Since our guides are always people’s person, they will never let you get bored on tour and might even show you around more than you expected.

You see, with us, there is no limit to how much you can wander.

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Things you ought to know before going jet skiing in the Gold Coast

Have you ever tried jet skiing before? If you never have, it is among the most enjoyable water sports you can ever engage in. However, jet skiing is also a dangerous activity, and many people have lost their lives when jet skiing. This is why you must take some precautions when you are going jet skiing for the first time. Since you have never gone jet skiing, you need to know several things that will help you participate in the activity and enjoy as much as you can without risking your life. If you are planning to head out for jet skiing on the Gold Coast, then this is your golden chance to learn all the things that you must know when you are going jet skiing for the first time.

The following section will help you learn what one must know before they begin jet skiing for the first time. When you know all the following things, you will find this activity incredibly fun, and you will be safe.

  • Safety is essential

One of the important things you need to know is that your safety is very important for jet skiing.  For this reason, you need to ensure that you are riding safely in your jet ski. This is why you must wear a life jacket anytime you get into the water for jet skiing. You must also attach the engine shut-off clip to your waist all the time when you are jet skiing to ensure that you can cut the engine when you begin losing balance and end up falling in the water. As part of your safety, you need to know that you must always be sober, just like when driving. Therefore, never drink and then go jet skiing since you may lack concentration, leading to accidents.

  • Avoid holding too tight or too loose

When you are jet-skiing, make sure that you are comfortable so that you can enjoy the activity. This is why you need to check how you adjust to your jet ski when you are on it. If you have a driver, do not hold them too tight or too loose. Also, if you are the driver, make sure that you are not too stiff on the brakes. Instead, try to keep your body loose.

  • Know the spots to avoid

Before you begin jet skiing in the Gold Coast waters, you need to make sure that you know the spots that you ought to avoid. For instance, you should always avoid jet skiing in shallow areas. This is because your jet ski could begin sucking up some sand and even rocks.

  • Understand the jet skis

You also need to know who to operate the jet ski before you begin jet skiing. Understanding how your jet ski works ensures that you are always safe when jet skiing. It also helps you know you can control the speed of your jet ski, ensuring that you can slow down or stop whenever you are in an emergency.

Jet skiing is among the best activities you can participate in whenever you go for a vacation on the Gold Coast. The good thing is that anyone, despite their age, can enjoy the activity, which makes it great even when you take your family on vacation, and you want to spend some quality time together. Choose only the most trusted company for Gold Coast Water Sports jet ski hire.

Reasons why you should book serviced apartments for your next trip

In the recent past, serviced apartments have become more popular with people travelling in different places for business or even leisure. The serviced apartments have also become common for lone travellers, families, and even people going as groups.  Every time people travel, especially overseas, the first thing that comes into their mind is where they will be staying during their trip. This is why most people book accommodations when they are still at home preparing to leave for their trip.

Most people think that the only places they can stay are hotels or lodgings. However, if you want to have the most delightful stay when you go to your trip destination, consider booking any serviced apartments.  The serviced apartments are very different from the hotels most people are used to. The following are some of the reasons that make the serviced apartments the best place for you to stay when you are on a trip.

They are spacious

space is one of the factors that most people consider when looking for accommodations available in the accommodation they find.  You have to ensure that you are selecting a place where everyone will be accommodated comfortably. The good thing with the serviced apartments is that they are spacious. You will have as much space as you need to accommodate everyone. There is also room for cooking, exercising, working, and any other activity you have. This is because the space in the serviced apartments is almost twice or thrice the space you will get in any hotel.

It’s cost-efficient

When you compare the costs of living in the serviced apartments and the costs of living in the hotels and lodgings, you will notice that the prices of living in the serviced apartments are lower.  The more you stay longer in a hotel, the more you spend so much money. However, in the serviced apartments it is vice versa, the more you stay longer, the less you pay for the accommodation you need.  You can also cook from the serviced apartments and hence you will not have to pay for the hidden extras like room services.

They are in perfect locations

You will find hotels in any place either in the cities or urban centres. When you are looking for serviced apartments, there are places where you will not get the serviced apartments. This is because the serviced apartments are located in very great locations.  For instance, you will find them near tourism destinations and business centres.


When you book accommodation in the serviced apartments, you will be sure that you can go to any place at any time that you want. This is because they are also found in places where you can get any means of transport quickly. You are also flexible in that you can do your things when you want to. You can cook at any time, work,  have guests and even relax.

They have additional services and facilities.

The other reason why you need to spend your time in the serviced apartments is that they have additional services and facilities. For instance, there are cooking and washing facilities, meeting spaces, free Wi-Fi, pools, bars, restaurants, gyms and concierge. All these facilities will complement your stay.

They have quality services.

Staying in a place where hygiene and security are tight is very important to you. This explains the quality services offered in the serviced apartments. Every time you are in the serviced apartments, you will always feel very comfortable and safe, and hence they are a perfect place for you.

5 Things People Definitely Overspend On When Vacationing

During the holiday season, everything hikes in pricing. Whether it’s upscale hotel accommodation or lavish restaurant bills, traveling fares, air or ground, or miscellaneous costs as sneaky hotel and resort charges, parking charges, local travelling cost and other service charges that accumulate to make a hefty amount that you wouldn’t even have covered in your budget at first place. And people for the sake of luxury and enjoyment, tend to spend more money on these things which could have been saved otherwise. Let’s check out the 5 things on which people overspend while vacationing.

Luxurious Hotel & Resorts

It would be great if you have your lodging at the vacationing venue or any of your friends or family has an accommodation ready for you. If not, 25% of your total budget must be spent on lodgings. People tend to overspend on luxury hotels and resorts for better views and services. Even a 3 star hotel or resort has the same grade of services provided to their guests as a 5 star accommodation gold coast hotel. The spending of more than 25% of the budget shakes up the working so it’s better to look for convenient lodgings while holidaying.


Travelling costs a monsterous 45% of the whole vacationing budget. From business class airfare to expensive subways, from pricey car fuel to private cabs. Traveling is inevitable and there are ways to shrink your fares. All you need to do is to keep a check and look for airlines deals. The holiday season where hikes up the fares, there are many economical deals offered too. A drop-off in the travelling costs helps you save the most while vacationing.

Shopping & Entertainment

People are prone to spend extravagantly on shopping and entertainment especially while vacationing in another country where the face value of their currency is a fraction of their home currency. The par value eludes the idea of real value tending them to spend more on fun activities. And when the currency conversion rates strikes the credit card bills, it get overwhelmingly high. A step-down and a check on shopping lists can help you save thousands of bucks.

Food & Drinks

Some people visit places just for the fineness of the cuisine that place offers. The insatiable desire for exquisite cuisine and drinks takes a whooping 25% of your budget. We understand that people won’t cook on vacations but its not that bad of an idea. Other than trying the pleasant-tasting cuisine in a picturesque environment, get a taste of street food in your surroundings as well to know the traditional cuisine of the area.

Fun & Activities

Whether it’s the love of lofty golf clubs or general recreation, the urge of movie night under open sky or the impulse of exotic clubs, keep a check on your budget to play the safe game.

Vacations are inevitable after long mundane routines of school, offices and businesses. People should take time to rebound with their families and relax. If one keeps check on their budget while holidaying, it can be taken twice a year, maybe, and the fun can be doubled instead of spending extravagantly and shaking up the financials of the family.


How long before booking? Frequently asked questions among those preparing for a trip to California and still thinking about it: California is one of the world’s tourism destinations and also among the simplest places to see, so travel planning is fairly easy given that it still takes time to choose carefully what to see and what to do. After countless trips to California and the United States,

due to its climate, has also been renamed the Golden Coast. It is a fairly narrow and long strip of land with the southern part much more populated than the northern part and the geographical boundaries that go towards Mexico to the south (Tijuana is a few kilometers from San Diego) and to the very North American Oregon. Arizona and Nevada are a stone’s throw from California and it is no coincidence that very often you decide to visit Las Vegas during your travels in California.

Always, I would say myself speaking without a minimum of reasoning. But to be honest, the California climate makes this place ideal for a vacation at any time of the year. For me the best time is that which goes from November to April because it is good, the sun is hot but does not burn too much and the number of tourists is limited, especially after Christmas and New Year. Among other things, flights and accommodations cost even less from January to April and therefore, besides being less crowded, the destination is also cheaper. Indeed, it could, let’s put it this way.

california map

Few but necessary things:

A passport valid at least 6 months from the date of arrival;
The ESTA to enter the United States that is required from here (and can be renewed every 2 years);

Travel insurance that includes travel and even illness: it is practically never needed but the cost is negligible and having it does not hurt;
International driving license if yours is not (click here for more information)

The credit card because if you rent the car it will be mandatory and in many hotels also (the ATM may not be accepted!);A list of medicines you can’t take, medications and foods you’re allergic to [obviously translated into English eh?]


Organizing a trip to Ireland is not at all difficult but the destination in the summer is so much in demand that if you don’t do it in advance, and waste time, you risk spending much more than you should but above all not finding anything or having trouble doing it . In this article I don’t talk about itineraries and things to see but simply about organization and logistics, giving you (I hope) all the tools to organize your trip to Ireland without stress and above all with advice and information that comes not from the experience of just one travel but from living for years in the country that you would rather visit as a tourist.

Ireland is located to the northwest of the western coast of Europe, is an island and is divided into two parts: ruled by England, is Belfast. I do not want to bore you with the history of Ireland but I believe that a good trip cannot be such if it is not accompanied by the knowledge of what we are going to see and why a country lives or is organized in a certain way. For this reason, I suggest you read this text for some recent history of Ireland.

Ireland is not a simple country from the point of view of climate: it can be annoying. Certainly the best time to visit Ireland is from June to mid-August, although time can often worsen in July. Needless to say, this is also the most crowded period due to the long days.

Passport or identity card; License; Credit card required for car rental;
European health card for first aid and possible travel insurance;
A list of medicines you can’t take, medications and foods you’re allergic to [obviously translated into English eh?]

in the North sterling is used instead ; remember this detail because you will need to get pounds if you decide to visit the North.

Ireland is a rural country and, with the exception of Dublin, I believe you will spend much of your time between sea, mountain and hill. Comfortable clothes, mountain or trainers shoes possibly waterproof, a raincoat (K-way) against the rain, hat and scarf, wanting gloves. The classic “layered clothes” advice in Ireland is more than valid and useful: time changes quickly and you need to be prepared. No need to bring an umbrella which, due to the wind, could break 5 minutes after being opened.

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